‘’Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed’’-MAHATMA GANDHI

In the very first instance, it is worthwhile to mention some of the related terminology of the environment. The word ecology refers to the scientific study of the relationship between livings and its natural environment and the term ecology coined from Greek Word meaning ‘House’ and ‘Study of’. The word related to this subject Bio is used in various environmental technologies and refers to organic life and derives from the Greek word Bios meaning “the course of human life”. Green House Gases are refers to Carbon di-oxide,Methane,Nitrus Oxide, Sulphur etc. Another term Ozone layer – is a structural modification of oxygen and is an air pollutant in the lower atmosphere but beneficial in the upper atmosphere.

Now a days, the global warming is a subject, much talk about, perhaps is the detrimental outcome of the unbalanced manipulation so as to say the mismanagement on part of the mankind with regards to the environment.

There is a natural  inter correlation  as well as inter-dependence in between human life to that of the natural flora and fauna living in the planet’s environment, bestowed by the heaven. It is  said that even most harmful one, irrespective of animal or plant exist in the environmental periphery is also somehow beneficial to living beings, may be they act in an indirect way for the betterment    of human life.

Considering the growing trend of overpopulation with special reference to countries like China and India, it has a negative impact upon the environment. Due to illegal encroachment, a good number of reserved forest not to speak of general areas have to borne the brunt, creating numerous problems, making it very difficult to facilitate management of environment to be streamlined in the right path. A real example of the present situation of unbalanced environment can be cited with the rising problem of conflict of men and elephant taking place in many areas in Assam. Apart from that, more often, even in Guwahati city itself, stray leopard have entered into the human habitat in search of prey.

It is deplorable that a large number of nature’s gift in the form of natural resources being destroyed by mankind. In most cases rampant activities also causes more harmful effects towards conservation of environment. Even as the harmful activities initiated knowingly or unknowingly by the mankind or in some cases by law breakers in a more ruthless way, most of us like to remain silent, keeping our lip close for reasons best known to us. In some cases people destroy their surroundings specially forests, among others, in the pretexts of maintaining their livelihood. Our pristine natural resources, as if these are bestowed by God, such as  soil, water, forest, wild life, natural gas, petroleum products etc.; are being wasted or exploited in a wrong way mostly under the influence of selfishness causing irreparable harm to the environment and ultimately to the entire human society, also to other animals, organisms etc.

What is urgently necessary at this moment is to generate awareness of the general people on the virtues of conservation of environment. The aim is to make people aware about environmental issues and encourage people to make their habitat clean and healthy. The process may be initiated by organizing meetings, discussions, street rallies, exhibitions, easy competitions, also trainings and demonstration programme with regards of plantation of plant saplings, garbage recycling, area clean up etc. Publicity through  news paper and different electronic media regarding different activities taken up in this context have a positive action related to observing the day .

With the abundance of diversified flora and fauna in the nature, it is a Herculean task to keep it in naturally equilibrium position. It is the proactive-on part of the Government concern to act as a leader with regard to enforcement of legal aspects, monitoring, feedback etc.  Enforcement of enactment of existing laws timely and time to time amendments when necessary ,with an aim to ban all illegal activities besides nexus of various people engaged themselves in poaching of forest animal, logging and trafficking of various forest materials, which are common practices going on now a days, necessitates immediate initiation of quick and stringent action against them.

The entire process envisages adequate investment of fund and other resources to cater the need for all round improvement of our environment.   It necessitates preparing a holistic plan towards achieving a better and a balanced environment around us. Equally important to draw a long term as well as short term comprehensive plan so as to augmenting the process of improvement of environment for the benefit with special reference to mankind  . Required long term as well as short term measures to mitigate the rapidity of aggravating condition of the global environment, it is reiterated to involve sociologist, scientist and experts  from various stream of natural sciences in the process of preparing planning in a big way to cope with the adverse situation faced by the environment .The apathetic behavior of the mankind in general, keeping only self interest in mind, in most cases leads to deteriorating the overall criterion of the environment which otherwise needs quick reversal of the situation.

Now the time has come to help ourselves to repair our habitat which is already deteriorated due to the multiple factors arising out from our apathy and misdeeds.

The  World  Environment Day (WED) is the United Nation’s greatest endeavour  towards creation of a global platform with an aim to enhance adequate awareness in the minds of people for keeping the  earth healthy with a green environment . The WED is observed every year on 5th June since 1974 and decided a slogan  to observe the day in an effective way . The slogan for the year 2017 is –‘’ Connecting People to Nature- in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator.’’

Let, all of us feel whole heartedly the full meaning of the Proverb (Kenya)- ‘‘Treat the earth well, it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you  by  your  children’’.

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Chief Consultant and Author at AgriTalks.in | After obtaining postgraduate degree in Agriculture and entomology from Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Mr. Bhupen Dutta had joined the Department of Agriculture, Assam and served for 35 years in Agricultural Extension, Soil Testing, Pesticide Quality Control, Information and Publicity, etc. He gathered knowledge through attending training at Extension Education Institute, Nilokheri (Haryana), Central Plant Protection Training Institute, Hyderabad, National Institute of Agricultural Management, Hyderabad, etc After retirement from the service he has been absorbed as Deputy Project Director, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) under the department Agriculture Assam.