Under Mission Organic Rs. 28.70 crore released for North East

Value chain for Mission Organic

The centre has released Rs 28.70 crore of the embarked Rs.  176.75 crore under the Mission Organic Value Chain Development for the North Eastern region.

The Mission has been launched with an aim to develop certified organic produce in a value chain mode to link growers with consumers to support the development of entire value chain starting from inputs, seeds, certification, to create facilities for collection, aggregation, processing and marketing and brand building initiatives.

Under the scheme, 30-50 thousand farmers of North East region would be empowered through creation of about 100 farmer-producer organizations and equip such companies with full value chain under their ownership.

During 2015-16, against the budget allocation of Rs 158.87 crore, fund release was Rs. 112.11 crore. During 2016-17, against the budget allocation of Rs. 176.75 crore, fund release is Rs. 28.70