Pankaj Kalita – A Youthful Character Living with Agriculture

Arrangement for Marketing of Red Pumpki (Rangalao)
Arrangement for Marketing of Red Pumpki (Rangalao)

Pankaj Kalita, of village Balitara in Nalbari district, not far away from the district headquarter town of Nalbari, Assam, living with a determination to go along with agriculture for his livelihood as well as to spread the new ideas of agriculture amongst the youth of the new generation. Initially he owned an area of 30 bighas of land as his homestead garden.

During the year 2000, he started his venture in agriculture- primarily with vegetable crop cultivation and subsequently he started flower cultivation in 2005, also horticulture in 2012.


Following are some of the crops cover the homestead garden of Pankaj Kalita .


Crop Number of Plants
Mango 100
Mosambi 40
Jujubi (Bagori) 25
Guava 45
Litchi 50
Papaya 200



Crop Size/Area
Tube Rose (Rajanigandha 1 Bigha Land
Marigold 1.5 Bigha Land
Gerbera 2000 plants
Gladiolus 5000 bulbs

It may be mentioned that Pankaj Kalita has been earning approx. Rs. 3 lakh per year from the floriculture.

Vegetables: He cultivates vegetables like Ridge Gourd (Jika), Cucumber(Tioh/Tihu), Smooth Gourd (Bhol), Ash Gourd (Kumura),  Bottle Gourd (Jatilao), Snake Gourd (Dhunduli / Nilaji) , Chilli and other Rabi vegetables in area approx. 4.0 bigha per year.

Besides, during the Winter Paddy (Sali Paddy) season an approximately 20 Bigha of land is cultivated with  Ranjeet Variety of paddy crop by Pankaj Kalita.


During the year 2012, a new idea was emerging out of his mind and Pankaj Kalita had acquired 100 bigha of agricultural land on lease basis for four years up to 2015. Since then he has been cultivating Red Pumpkin (Rangalao) crop. Seeds of Red Pumpkin are sown during the month of August and matured and harvested during November and December. The cost of cultivation, as assessed, is very less  and incurred amount is approximately Rs. 5000/- per bigha as cost of cultivation against related items such as charge for ploughing, cost of seed, fertilizers, labour wages, , arrangement for marketing etc. He earned an approximate amount of Rs. 15000/- per bigha as net profit after deducting cost cultivation of Red Pumpkin crop.

In the next attempt after expiry of the previous lease term of 100 bigha land,  Kalita along with five young farmers, namely- Ratul Haloi, Jayanta Sarma, Kamal Haloi, Dinesh Rajbongshi, Bipul Haloi, acquired an area of 200 bighas in a lease basis for ten years near Nalbari Town. Here also, they are cultivating the land with the variety  ‘Arjuna’ of Red Pumpkin crop using required seed rate of @ 100 grams per bigha, (Rs. 900/- per 100 grams).

Further, they have also a plan to cover a portion out of 200 bigha of land with cultivation of Maize crop as a second crop, after harvesting of Red Pumpkin in November –December,

At present he owns a dealership on agricultural inputs at Nalbari town. Now he is emerging as a natural youthful leader in the field of agriculture in the area.