Information & Publicity – Its Impact on Agricultural Production

Information & Publicity in Agriculture
Information & Publicity -Its Impact on Agricultural Production

Increase in population, in the present era, demands the necessity for boosting of agricultural crop production. Agricultural information and publicity plays a most vital role and facilitates the acceleration of production process when used in farmers’ field as messages. 

During the process of experiments regarding HYV, highbred improve varieties or regarding of higher technology conducted in Agricultural Universities, Agricultural Research Stations ,various information are being recorded related to the specific season of the crop, climatic conditions, soil type, quantity of various nutrients requirement, plant protection measures, its time of application with procedures ,storage of seeds and adoption of associated scientific methods of cultivation of the particular variety and so on. Subsequently such information, in a processed form, necessitates to be transmitted to the grass root level to reach at farmers’ field. The entire success regarding use of information rests upon proper collection and processing of information at various stages of crop growth. All the related information in the later stage, needs to be processed with some variation to suit the local condition and in a form, so that farmers at the grass root level can easily understand, when they use such processed agricultural information in their crop fields.

Relevant information regarding  different activities, achievement and problems arising out during the life cycle of a particular variety, are recorded in case of a newly introduced variety with special reference to high yielding varieties , hybrids,  improved varieties or any other new scientific technique to be introduced, whatever it may be, will play an important role, when such information are used  by farmers with a intention to cultivate  such type of newly introduced varieties  or techniques in their crop field. Considering the importance of the subject, the person responsible for recording and processing, must have the sensibility of understanding circumstances arising out of situation during the different growth stages of the crop, besides he is to be an experienced personal possessing quality of predictability and sincerity. It would be much more effective if a coordinated effort is given by a team consisting of agricultural scientists, experts and other agricultural extension personnel are involved in the process of information collection and processing.

Impact-of-Information-Technology-on-AgricultureMost of our practicing farmers do not give much attention towards acquiring as well as application of information into their cultivation. Hence, it deserves much importance to create a situation so that farmers become interested towards various information which can more profitably be transformed into a productive factor for achieving higher production out of their crop field.

It is a natural tendency that farmers are reluctant to give up the habit of practicing with old varieties or method of cultivation of practices. But on the other hand it is the demand of the day to give more stress towards boosting up of production in all sectors of crops .Hence ,to achieve a higher production, it necessitates for using high yielding varieties, hybrids or improved varieties of different crops along with adoption of new methods of scientific cultivation. Henceforth motivation of farmers towards new varieties as well as to advanced scientific technique is to be prioritized very carefully and sincerely with the involvement of scientists, experts and experienced extension personnel.

Taking the advantage of new methodology in agriculture, farmers are to be trained through involving them by means of practical demonstrations rather than trained them up theoretically. Along with the demonstration plot it is necessary to keep a control plot of cultivated land where cultivation with traditional variety or methods will have to be adopted. The results after harvesting of two plots, one with the use of new variety or technique and other with the ongoing cultivation with previously used variety or method adopted earlier, will help to draw the conclusion for comparison between the old and the new in regards of aspects as desired. Of course all activities in the process deserve to be activated on the basis of previously gained information as a guide.

If such activities yielded a good results, the other co-farmers will also be motivated and create confidence amongst them in regards of new variety or method as demonstrated and subsequently they will adopt aspects in their crop field resulting in the extension of a new variety of high yielding variety, hybrid, improve variety or any improved methodology in an extensive way in other new areas also. Information able to explore problems, hurdle or any related matters and further it leads to rectify in the next crop season.

Publicity, on the other hand, supported by agricultural information on achievements of various aspects, surely has a positive impact upon acceleration towards boosting of agricultural crop production. Now a day’s news paper, television, radio etc. play an important role of giving publicity to the target area i.e. farmers within a very short time. It only necessitates for covering various aspects effectively and also making arrangement for publicity widely.

Equally important for arrangement of study tour involving farmers of a agriculturally backward areas to a area where farmers have adopted higher technology such as use of high yielding variety, hybrid or improve varieties of different crop, adoption of scientific method of cultivation. It can be concluded that only a coordinated approach can leads to a positive success in this regards. Such type of study tour have also an additional advantage where farmers from both the areas can able to exchange their views regarding almost all the related aspects of higher technology in agriculture.

Besides other important steps such as training, seminar, group discussion, exhibition, study tour to different Agricultural Universities, agricultural related research stations, Krishi Vigyan Kendra or to other agriculturally developed state, also help to reach the target with a positive achievement.